5am – The Snake Dilemma

About 14 minutes to read.

“No! You can’t possibly think that I-” I snapped my legs together and started to scoot off the hood of the car.

“It’s simple dude, either you take a pounding or Homer does. It’s, like, totally your choice.”

I froze halfway off the hood. I have never even thought about being with another man after Homer, but Snake was known to really hurt people. He was huge, well over 6-foot, and obviously spent his time working out because every muscle on him was solid and tough. Without realizing it I found myself wondering what he looked like under his signature jeans and white tee-shirt.

Before I knew what I was doing a soft, but not unenergetic, “Ok” escaped my lips. He turned to close the garage door and I just sat there, shocked at myself.

What did I just do?

My heart was pounding in my chest and I found myself short of breath… then he stepped towards me, pulling his shirt off. Like a puppet being pulled by unseen strings, I slid the rest of the way off the hood and put both hands on his firm chest, running my fingers through his soft hair and over the waves of rippling muscles. He smelled like a mixture of sweat, cheap cigarettes, and danger.

I was suddenly wetter than October.

As though possessed I reached a slender hand up to the back of his neck and pulled myself on my tiptoes to kiss rough lips. He threw an arm around my waist and pulled me into him. I’m sure we looked like the cover of one of those steamy romance novels.

He was wild like an animal just escaped from a cage. He kissed down my neck with a rough intensity that stole my breath and in one fluid motion he lowered me back to my feet, slipped the sleeves of my nightgown off my shoulders, pulling the sheer garment down past my breasts, discarding it onto the floor.

He slid his hands up, tracing my hips, caressing my waist, stopping to firmly grasp my breasts as his mouth settled on a very responsive nipple.

I let out a gasp. Homer and I snuggle semi-often but it is nothing like this.

Snake’s mouth and hands explored my breasts with an enthusiasm I have never known. Slowly, he backed me back up onto the hood of Homer’s pink Plymouth. He settled my butt on the very edge, both feet on the bumper, leaning me back until I was staring up at the ceiling. With his mouth still latched to my breast, he hooked his thumbs under the sides of my panties and slowly lowered himself to his knees… tugging on my nipple with a force that sent shudders down my spine when it finally popped loudly out of his mouth.

I felt my panties slide down my legs and dangle for a moment on my little feet before falling to the floor. Looking back at it I cannot believe that there I was, completely nude in front of Snake of all people. I should have felt so ashamed, so angry at myself for letting it get to this point, for agreeing to it at all… but I wasn’t any of that.

I was enjoying myself. I was aroused. I wanted it and more than anything! I didn’t hesitate, my panties had not even settled on the floor before I had spread my legs and stretched my arms past my head to grab the hood where the windshield sits to brace myself for what I knew was coming next. What I so desperately hungered for. What I needed.

He didn’t make me wait.

Snake gripped my legs in his powerful hands and without warning that rough mouth and incredible suction were suddenly on my love button. I moaned and involuntarily pushed myself harder against him as he buried his face into my most intimate place. It had been so very long since I had felt that. He suckled my clit. Licked, sipped, and nibbled at my lips. His tongue pushed into me almost further than anything had been in years. He was as merciless as I always imagined he was when I would hear about the fights he would get into. I was his victim and it was all I could do not to scream out in pleasure.

Then he brought his fingers into the fray. They were thick, strong, and he had several of these lethal weapons inside me. Thrusting in and out in rhythm with the motion of his tongue it didn’t take long before my fight was over, he had conquered me.

Luckily the garage is far from any bedrooms because I screamed out with an orgasm the likes of which I had never before experienced.  As the orgasm crashed over me he slid an arm under my bottom, and I gripped his head so tight to my lady parts that it felt like I was flying… because I was. He had lifted me up, mid-scream, so that it felt like his thrusting fingers and the power of my orgasm were all that was keeping me aloft.

It took a few moments for my vision to clear and for the waves to subside but when they did I found myself on the floor, sitting sidesaddle atop his discarded shirt and my nightgown. Panting, I looked up at him wondering if he was done with me, silently begging him not to be.

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